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Identity, Expression, and Transformation–that was the theme of Getting in Touch with the Source, a Two-Day Writing Experience for Women held on October 21-22, 2011 at UUCA. (As a participant, I’d like to extend my thanks to the UUCA Women Writers Group, as well as all of the sponsors of the event!)

Highlights of the event included…

* = I attended.

Prior to the event, writers were able to submit their work for possible inclusion in the anthology, Inner Lives: Women Writers Explore Their Identity, Expression and Transformation (Volume 1). It was very exciting to see this book take shape! (I’m also pleased to announce that a short story of mine made the cut and is included in it. Squee!) I’ve started reading it and I love that it contains so many different female voices.

I have done the event a disservice by waiting so long afterwards to write about my experience–Apparently, I didn’t learn my lesson about making oneself write…and write some more…and write some MORE!!!

I hope that the organizers of the workshops continue this as an annual event. If you’re a woman writer  (or aspiring writer… dabbler, as I like to say), then I’d definitely recommend that you attend!


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