Closing Chapters

I am in the process of deleting content from my old DeviantArt gallery. I will probably end up posting a smattering of it here. In days of anime-watching, MMORPG-playing, and English-majoring yore, I used to stalk DeviantArt quite a bit. I posted things to the site occasionally, but for the most part, it used to be a daily source of eye candy. Now I just simply don’t have the time nor the desire.

Here’s a DA scrap of mine. We had an assignment in Japanese Literature to write a haiku. (Written on 11-17-05… Gadzooks, time is flying!)

The cat stalks its prey,
Crouching in fallen leaves… Pounce!
Alas, mouse no more!

Considering the amount of leaves on the ground outside (and on my carpet and in my car,) I thought this was appropriate.

Before posting to the blog, I googled “haiku” to see if mine really did match the genuine requirements of one and I ended up getting sidetracked on the topic of syllables vs. moras. Thank you Internet for the linguistics lesson.



November is National Novel Writing Month. “The goal is to write a 50,000-word novel by midnight, local time, on November 30th. You write on your own computer, using whatever software you prefer.” Man, that’s about 1,667 words per day… I think I’d have to be on a wilderness sabbatical for the entire month of November to accomplish that… No 40 hour work week and all meals catered would be required for me to do it, I think. I’m not doing it this year, but it sure does seem like one of those things that would be fun to dive into, given the luxury of time and no other responsibilities.


Obligatory First Post

The just-created About section probably sums things up best…

I am trying to kick-start my creative writing again. I had a few good pieces of short fiction a couple of years ago, but since then “real life” has impeded those creative activities… I’m still a busy bee, but I’m not getting any younger, so if I want to write, I might as well do it when I find the time, right? Right.

Attempt #1 to kick-start my writing was accomplished today. I submitted a small creative piece to a publication and hope to hear back by early next year to see if it was well received or not.

Baby steps!