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Merry Christmas!


Today was a whirlwind of presents, family, (naps!), and way too much food. I’m suffering from a post-Christmas-dinner coma. It is wonderfully debilitating.

Looking toward 2012, I see more Writing With Intent events at Charis Books in Atlanta in the upcoming year.

Peace to all and to all a good night. As nice as the gifts are to receive, the memories and the support of others are way better. Always remember that. Pay it forward. 😉


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See?! I've been in the saddle before... Just gotta get back in it.

Still working at getting a small piece published… (Rejection #2 came recently. S’ok though.)  What I really need to be doing is writing new stuff, but working 40+ hours a week really puts a damper on my motivation! C’est la vie. I’m looking for that boost of “Attagirl!” to get me back in the saddle. I find myself worrying about diving into a big writing project without getting some positive feedback on some shorter pieces first. Also, frankly I feel rusty.

In the meanwhile, I am attempting to discern what is and is not considered flash fiction.

Toodles until I have time to post again (or until I decide to blog as a means of procrastination!) (The latter is more likely.)


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Rejection #1

Unsurprisingly, I received a rejection e-mail for the writing submission that I sent to a magazine awhile back. Although it is of course mildly disappointing, I am okay with the decision since I figured it was a bit of a stretch in the first place… I think it will all work out for the best and I still have plans for the piece. I was heartened by the rejection’s wording though. Although the piece I submitted wasn’t a good fit for the magazine’s “vibe,” the writing itself was appreciated and I was welcomed to submit additional work. I’ll take that as a first rejection any day.

I’ve got my eye on submitting to another magazine/journal around the first of the year.

Also, I am itching to storyboard/write a children’s book. Once the insanity that is 2010 is over, I should be able to start on some new projects come 2011–I hope.

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Obligatory First Post

The just-created About section probably sums things up best…

I am trying to kick-start my creative writing again. I had a few good pieces of short fiction a couple of years ago, but since then “real life” has impeded those creative activities… I’m still a busy bee, but I’m not getting any younger, so if I want to write, I might as well do it when I find the time, right? Right.

Attempt #1 to kick-start my writing was accomplished today. I submitted a small creative piece to a publication and hope to hear back by early next year to see if it was well received or not.

Baby steps!

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